Expat Help

Providing a comprehensive service for all the foreigners who need to know more about Pôle Emploi

We are proud to help an international clientele who settled in France but who can’t access to the most basic informations regarding its social rights.

“PBO has been very helpful for me. They have a lot of knowledge in their field. They explain things very well and answers any questions i have. I would recommend using their services.”

Kade Poki

“PBO Conseil was a great source of reassurance and support.
Their services provided great insight into the support available within France. 
Their speed of service, insights and availability to answer any questions – big or small was truly invaluable.
I would highly recommend their services to anyone who requires financial guidance and advice within France.”

Tristan Sharp

Head of Athletic Performance

“PBO helped me to setup my chômage. They where very knowledgeable and helpful. They always respond promptly whenever I have questions or concerns. I will highly recommend their services!!

As a non French spkeaking person, who could have helped me in a better way?!”

Charl Mcleod

Professional rugby player

“J’étais inquiète à mon retour en France après 3 ans passés chez PWC à Londres. Je ne comprenais absolument rien au Pôle Emploi et à ces courriers qui arrivaient les uns après les autres sur mon espace personnel. Comment et à qui parler alors que l’agence réservée aux cadres avait disparue ? Je me suis sentie perdue lorsque je suis allée dans une nouvelle agence débordée par des gens parfois en grande difficulté.

C’est par hasard que j’ai connu les coachs administratifs de PBO Conseil et je peux dire qu’ils m’ont secourue ! Je ne comprenais notamment pas pourquoi Pôle Emploi voulait me donner des allocations anciennes et j’ai appris que ces dernières n’étaient pas épuisées !

Aujourd’hui, grâce à PBO Conseil je suis présidente de ma SAS et nous sommes 7 salariés. Je les remercie ici chaleureusement et les recommande vivement !”

Cécile V
Ingénieur réseau

“PBO’s service has been invaluable for us. As a foreign family living in France, their help with the chomage system has meant everything has run smoothly and has been completed in a timely manner. PBO is also always happy to answer any questions and provides detailed and clear explanations to make sure we have a clear understanding of our circumstances. We are very grateful for the service we have received and are happy to recommend PBO to others.”

Diane Taumalolo

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